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Our Mission
Our Mission

SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners) of Butler County is dedicated to promoting and providing the prompt, ethical, and appropriate medico-legal examination and treatment of patients in cases of reported sexual assault.

Forensic Medical Examinations

SANE of Butler County provides the Gold Standard of forensic care in the area of sexual assault. Our organization is dedicated to unbiased expert examinations. Our pool of specially trained staff is on call 24/7 to the Southwest Ohio area.


Once a request for service is initiated through our 24/7 emergency answering service, a SANE RN responds to the requesting facility. At that time the SANE RN will conduct a forensic examination according to the Ohio Department of Health and Ohio Attorney General protocol for Treatment of Sexually Assaulted patients.


Our staff remains up to date with the latest federal, state and local protocols to deliver the highest quality of patient care. Forensic medicine is frequently changing, therefore, each employee attends numerous educational seminars to remain competent in their specialty.

Expert Testimony
Referrals for Continued Care

After each examination is performed the SANE RN provides the patient with a variety of aftercare resources. These resources assist each patient in the next step to picking up the pieces after a violent event. Follow up resources may include law enforcement information, reimbursement material through the Victims of Crime Compensation Program from the Ohio Attorney General's Office, medical follow up information and many other resources.


If you are a victim of sexual assault please visit the "What to do if assaulted" page on our website for additional information.

Law Enforcement

We also provide medical-legal forensic suspect/perpetrator examinations to law enforcement agencies throughout Southwest Ohio upon request. These services are also available 24/7 at no cost to law enforcement agencies. For additional information about suspect/perpetrator examinations please visit the "Law Enforcement" page of our website.

Expert Testimony

A SANE RN is frequently requested to serve as an expert witness to provide testimony in a court of law. A SANE RN may be requested to provide such testimony by the prosecution or defense for explanation of injury patterns, collection of biological/trace samples, as well as federal, state and local protocols. SANE of Butler County provides expert witness testimony regarding the forensic standards and nursing scope of practice.

After Care
Law Enforcement
Locations of Service

SANE of Butler County provides a variety of services to the Southwest Ohio area. Our agency contracts with local medical facilities to provide these essential services 24/7. We perform detailed medical assessments at medical facilities located throughout the following 14 counties:

If you are interested in obtaining services for your facility please visit the "Hospital" page of our website. This page also provides a detailed list of current locations that SANE of Butler County provides services to at this time.

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