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Resources available to law enforcement
  • Suspect/Perpetrator Forensic Examinations 

  • Education/In-Service Seminars

  • Forensic Consulting

  • Assistance With Search Warrants for Biological/Trace Sample Collection 

Suspect Examinations
Suspect/Perpetrator Examinations

SANE of Butler County is a useful and often underutilized tool to assist law enforcement officials with sexual assault investigations. Our organization is available 24/7 for perpetrator/suspect forensic examinations at no cost to law enforcement agencies. These examinations are performed in most cases via search warrant unless the subject consents to the forensic examination.

Most suspect/perpetrator examinations can be performed at the police department/sheriff's office and do not have to be performed at a hospital with exception to certain medical restrictions. Our method of conducting forensic examinations is extremely portable and all equipment used for examinations is provided by our organization (including forensic evidence photography and portable printing capability). Suspect/Perpetrator examinations generally take 30 to 60 minutes to perform. Our agency also assists with proper language with obtaining search warrants for biological/trace evidence collection to conduct the forensic examination.

If your law enforcement agency is located outside Butler, Warren, Montgomery or Greene County your department still may be eligible for a suspect/perpetrator examination upon request. Please contact our agency with any questions related to the distance of service coverage.

Preserve Evidence
Requesting A Suspect/perpetrator Examination


If you are requesting a suspect/perpetrator examination please contact us via email. If immediate assistance is needed please contact our emergency answering service to speak with the on-call SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner).


24/7 Emergency Answering Service: 

SANE of Butler County also provides educational seminars at no cost to law enforcement entities related to sexual assault at your facility.


Educational topics frequently requested are:

  • Injury patterns and injury identification

  • Interpretation of a forensic examination chart/findings

  • Strangulation injury identification and patterns

  • Federal/state/local protocol updates

  • Search warrant information

  • Drug facilitated sexual assaults

  • Senate Bill 316 impact on forensic exam kit submission

  • Senate Bill 77 impact on forensic exam kit retention

  • Additional forensic topics upon request

If you are interested in receiving additional information regarding SANE of Butler County conducting a no-cost educational seminar for your department please contact us via email.

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