What To Do If Assaulted

In case of medical emergency or personal safety dangers please call 911. Otherwise, respond immediately to your nearest Emergency Department to seek medical care and request a sexual assault forensic examination. 

If you have been sexually assaulted

Receive medical care

During a sexual assault a victim may incur injuries that she/he may not be aware of. It is imperative that a victim receives emergency medical care as soon as possible to be assessed for injuries and other medical concerns. Biological/trace evidence may remain on your body or clothing for up to 96 hours after an assault. When you arrive to the ER you will be informed of your patient right to a forensic exam by a Registered Nurse (SANE) who specializes in the area of sexual assault forensic examinations as well as a Rape Crisis Avdocate.

During the forensic examination you will be assessed for injuries along with documentation of events, collection of biological/trace samples, forensic photography, baseline pregnancy screening and given follow up referrals appropriate to your situation and to assess for safety concerns. We will provide you with safety alternatives if needed such as lists of shelters or othersafety plan measures during your examination. The examination generally takes about 60 to 90 minutes to complete. The SANE RN may request your clothing worn to the hospital to preserve evidence that may be present. Replacement clothing will be given to you after the examination if this occurs. Please do not change clothing prior to presenting to the emergency department.

During the forensic examination the SANE RN will address your immediate needs such as safety, reporting assault to law enforcement, aftercare resources and other concerns regarding your situation.