24/7 coverage of Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) forensic examinations

Services Provided

Sane of Butler County provides 24/7 coverage of Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) forensic examinations to patients that present to the listed emergency departments as well as in-house patients after a reported sexual assault. Our organization provides an affordable way for medical facilities to remain in compliance with the

Our organization provides superior and professional delivery of forensic services and maintains extreme proficiency with all federal, state and local protocols.

Facilities that contract our services realize the full potential of cost saving strategies this brings. Rather than one facility managing the full cost of a hospital based program, our organization allows the cost to be shared among participating facilities. For less than the average annual budget for on call expenses for a hospital based program, our organization provides full continuous service. This allows medical facilities to provide excellence and extreme precision in delivery of forensic medicine to their patients at a fraction of the cost. SANE of Butler County provides 24/7 coverage, hospital staff education, liaison to federal, state and local agencies on behalf of the participating facility, liaison to physicians, quality improvement strategies and many other valuable assets. 

Our SANE RN's have received training beyond the State of Ohio requirements. We also provide each facility with a Facility Coordinator (required by the Ohio Attorney General) and other required duties according to State guidelines. If a forensic examination is performed by our organization we also report the assault to the appropriate authorities which may include (but not limited to) law enforcement, child protective services and adult protective services. Our organization also testifies as an expert witness when required after an examination is conducted by a member of our organization.

If your facility is interested in obtaining forensic services from SANE of Butler County for Sexual Assault Nurse Examinations (SANE) please contact us for additional information.