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New Employee Orientation

Welcome to the SBC team!

The below steps must be completed for new employee orientation. If you need any assistance please contact SBC administration. It is recommended that you complete the steps in the order presented due to the process design. We are elated to have you as a member of our forensic team! 

WEEK #1: Action Items:
-complete Step 1 and Step 2 
-submit facial photo to admin via TigerConnect
-submit photo of Driver's License to admin via 
-meet via zoom with Director to confirm scheduling

WEEK #1: 

Step 1: Orientation Videos

The orientation videos include a vast amount of education encompassing the forensic nursing scope of practice, forensic & medical assessment along with various educational topics. Please take careful notes while viewing the videos. The content covered is the basis of your forensic fundamentals! (Click orientation videos button to view)

If you have been advised you will be performing examinations with Themis, the SBC electronic charting app you must also watch the Themis Training videos. 

Step 2: Medical Protocol; P&P Manual Review

The medical protocols and SBC policy and procedure manuals must be viewed in detail. The medical protocol includes a detailed walk through of the forensic medical assessment. The Policy and Procedure Manual includes instruction for the day to day activities of the organization along with all governing policies set forth for all employees.

WEEK #2:

Step 3: Clinical Shadowing Days

The clinical shadowing days engages new Forensic Examiners in practicing the concepts of the forensic medical assessment. Witnessed exams review complete examinations, forensic photography, forensic narrative, documentation, forensic swab collection/slide mount preparation, forensic toxicology and many more. 

Step 4: Proctored Examinations

You have made it! After completion of the above steps, you will be live in the field performing actual forensic examinations. You will be assigned a mentor that will proctor you through 4 to 5 examinations. We are your training wheels in the field to help you finesse your newly learned forensic craft. The mentor is a member of the SBC administrative team or alternatively a seasoned forensic examiner that has received superior audit scores for a consecutive period of one year. The mentor will follow you on your schedule until the 4-5 examinations are completed where you will receive your final competency review. Pat yourself on the back because this is an amazing accomplishment towards your future as a forensic medical examiner. Be proud of yourself because we certainly are!

Step 5: State Crime Lab Tour/Expert Witness Training

During your first year of employment you will be required to attend an expert witness training that is arranged by SBC. The training consists of a mock trial that is hosted by a local prosecutor's office. This aids examiners in what to expect during delivery of expert testimony. Another training required during your first year of employment is a hosted tour of the Ohio state crime laboratory, BCI & I - Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification in London, Ohio. This is a fantastic opportunity that walks examiners through the process of forensic kit analysis & processing. We will sit down with a forensic scientist to provide valuable feedback of kit collection standards and expectations. The tour is a staff favorite and you will most likely see even seasoned staff in attendance with you. 

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