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Orientation Videos

Please view the videos in order as they are listed. You may print a PDF handout and other related documents to follow along with each video to take notes as needed. If you have any questions following any video, please contact the Executive Director or Forensic Educator. To view the videos in full screen, hover your mouse over the video and click the expander icon in the bottom right corner of the video window once the video has been started.

Introductory Videos

Video #1  Introduction to Forensic Nursing

Video #1  Handouts

Video #2  ORC/Mandated Reporting

Video #2  Handouts

Video #3  Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault

Video #3  Handouts

Video #4 Jane Doe/Anonymous

Video #4  Handouts

Video #5  SB 77 & SB 316

Video #5  Handouts

SB 77 & SB 316 Supplemental Videos

Supplemental Article Links

Video #6 Informed Consent

Video #6  Handouts

Video #7  Minor Patients

Video #7  Handouts

Video #8  Elderly Patients

Video #8  Handouts

Video #9  Alternative Light Source

Video #9  Handouts

Video #10  Perpetrator Characteristics

Video #10  Handouts

Video #11  A&P/Development

Part 1

Video #11  Handouts

Part 2

Video #12  Tattoos & Piercings

Video #12  Handouts

Video #13  Forensic Examination

Video #13  Handouts

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Additional forensic considerations to consider to avoid cross contamination of DNA sources:


1. avoid coughing/sneezing directly onto the collection field including the kit or during collection steps 

2. avoid breathing or talking directly onto the collection field during collection steps

3. consider donning a mask if you are ill to avoid contamination

Part 4

Medical Assessment & Forensic Injuries

Video #14  External Genitalia Examination

Video #14  Handouts

Video #15  Speculum Examination

Video #15  Handouts

Video #16  Focus Document Transmission

Video #16  Handouts

effective 7/1/19 Forcura 
does not allow any special
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scanned documents. Suggested format is Initials Date Facility
example: ke071219MVH

This concludes the online orientation videos. It is strongly suggested that you review the material until you comfortable with all content discussed. During your upcoming clinical practice day(s) you will practice the techniques and review concepts above. The clinical practice days are the final step prior to your proctored examinations in the field with your preceptor for 4-5 examinations.  

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