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Themis Orientation Videos

Please view the Themis Training Videos in order . You must have your assigned iPad and other equipment with you to follow along with the training for each section. It is best to follow along with these videos while watching them on a computer, which will give you the ability to follow along on your iPad with the videos.

1 - Themis and iPad introduction

2 - Creating a New Case in Themis

3 - Patient Information Page

4 - Consent

5 - Mandatory Reporting

6 - DFSA

7 - AH Page 1

8 - AH Page 2

9 - Strangulation/Parcels

10 - Diagrams

11 - Medications

12 - MD/RN Report

13 - Steps Completed/Det Notes

14 - Pt Discharge Notes

15 - Chain of Custody

16 - Themis Document Review

After completing the Themis orientation training you will be required to complete 3 practice forensic exam cases and submit the completed cases to the SBC server for admin to review and check for accuracy. Upon review.  Upon review you will be provided a date for you to being using Themis in the field on live forensic exams.Note: completed practice cases should have the following:
1. DFSA and strangulation for each practice exam
2. One exam must be a Jane Doe Examination
3. One exam must be a minor exam
**Remember that you must notify admin by text to the admin line PRIOR to submitting your case to the SBC server. Good luck!! You can do this!

This concludes the online orientation videos. It is strongly suggested that you review the material until you comfortable with all content discussed. During your upcoming clinical practice day(s) you will practice the techniques and review concepts above. The clinical practice days are the final step prior to your proctored examinations in the field with your preceptor for 4-5 examinations.  

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