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Accessibility Policy:

All usernames and passwords to access the SANE of Butler County database will not be shared with any individual. All fles, documents, photos or any articles within the database will not be shared with any individual, agency or other party without being in express intrerest of law enforcement for investigative purposes or hospital entities for billing, medical record retention purposes. If at any time your username or password is compromised, shared or reveleaved to any other party other than the designated assigned user, the user will contact SANE of Butler County immediately to request accessibility credentials be terminated and re-issued access with new login credentials.


Privacy Policy:

I acknowledge that during the course of my accessibility to the SANE of Butler County database I may receive access to confidential information of the facility that is prohibited from disclosure to others. “Confidential Information” means information provided by the facility that is not commonly available to the general public, or is required by law or regulation to be protected from disclosure to third parties not considered part of the facility’s “workforce” as that term is defined by federal and state health information privacy regulations such as the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act. Confidential Information includes information contained in patient medical records and any other health information which identifies a patient; quality assurance, research or peer review information; and information concerning the facility’s employees, services or business operations. Such information can be acquired by any means and in any form, written, spoken or electronic. I agree not to share, disclose or discuss Confidential Information with anyone who does not have a legitimate interest in such information. I will abide by SANE of Butler County's policies and procedures concerning the use or disclosure of Confidential Information and I will contact a facility representative if I have any questions regarding these policies and procedures. I will maintain and protect the privacy of the facility’s employees, medical staff and patients in my use and disclosure of Confidential Information and I will not misuse or be careless with such information. I understand that any violation of this Agreement or the facility’s policies related to access, use or disclosure of Confidential Information may result in significant legal ramifications for which I will be held solely responsible with respect to this Agreement. I acknowledge that I have reviewed all of the information above. I understand that compliance with the principles, policies and procedures expressed above is a condition of my participation and continued membership to the SANE of Butler County database.

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